Data I/O manual sought

From: J. David Bryan <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 11:36:01 2005

On 27 Jan 2005 at 20:44, Jay West wrote:

> Also, I'm looking for a "recent" version of firmware for my 29B. Can
> anyone copy theirs for me?

A caveat regarding firmware updates: while I don't have a Firmware Update
Kit manual for the mainframe, the corresponding manual for the 303A-011A
adapter indicates that the V11.1 kit comes with four EPROMs, a PAL, and a
resistor. The manual also indicates that updating from V05+ requires
changing the EPROMs and PAL, updating from V02-V04 additionally requires
changing the resistor, and updating from V01 additionally requires a
daughter-board swap.

The main board in my 29B (V5.0) appears to have seven EPROMs and three
bipolar PROMs. So I don't know if updating the mainframe firmware is just
a matter of installing new EPROMs, or whether one or more of the bipolar
PROMs (and maybe some other hardware) must be updated at the same time.

Perhaps someone has a Firmware Update Kit manual for the mainframe and can
confirm what is included.

                                      -- Dave
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