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> I'm working on scans of the XENIX docs- does anyone have tips on how
> to format them? my school has an ADF ScanJet (fortunately), but I
> don't know where to go from there.
I did it this way when I scaned a VAX manual:
- Scan each page to a TIFF, 300 dpi, monochrome with the Impressario
  Scanner tool that comes with IRIX.
- Use fax G4 compression on the TIFFs and copy all individual TIFFs in to
  a single multipage TIFF with tiffcp(1).
- Run the result through tiff2ps(1)
- and finaly generate a PDF with ps2pdf(1).
I've done quite a few manuals but skipped the PS and used tiff2pdf, just
scann to tiff convert to multipage tiff, convert to pdf.  If you have any
questions email me off list.
The tifftools are available for many environments:
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