OT: Microfiche scanner suggestions ?

From: Michel Adam <micheladam_at_theedge.ca>
Date: Fri Jan 28 03:06:32 2005

>From a lurker and infrequent poster:

   Searching in the last twelve months of messages, I noticed that a number of contributors to the list have made reference to
microfiche scanners. Can anyone offer me any suggestions at all about selecting a microfiche scanner? Where I work, we are looking
at replacing a Minolta 603 microfiche reader/printer, and any information/personal experience with mid-priced (i.e. less than $5000)
scanner would be appreciated. Are there any models to stay away from? If it is any help, virtually ALL the current archives is of
8.5x11 (letter) documents.


Michel Adam
micheladam -at- theedge -dot- ca
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