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From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 13:13:08 2005

From: "Scott Stevens" <>
> I paid good money (> $300) for a licensed copy of the full Acrobat for
> Windows a number of years back, specifically to be able to archive
> vintage manuals, magazines, and docs to the PDF format. Which I
> presumed at the time to be open, and to stay open. At least my
> expensive licensed copy of Acrobat is of an early enough version that
> it'll presumably always produce PDF files that are readable on the new
> readers.
> It's probably time to freeze the PDF format and refuse to let in DRM
> hooks and whizz-woo features. Isn't the file format documented enough
> that the format is 'freed' of Adobe's menace?

I don't agree, Adobe needs to make some improvements. One I really want is
compressed files. Other formats have great compression ratios when compared
to PDF's. I post PDF's because that is the defacto standard but I want
something that lets me post more on my site without costing me more.

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