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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 20:04:56 2005

Randy wrote:
> I don't agree, Adobe needs to make some improvements. One I really want
> is compressed files. Other formats have great compression ratios when
> compared to PDF's. I post PDF's because that is the defacto standard but
> I want something that lets me post more on my site without costing me more.

Huh? PDF supports G4 fax compression and the newer JBIG compression
algorithms, which until very recently (with the advent of JBIG2) were
the to highest-compression lossless bilevel algorithms publicly available.
I stick to G4 because it's not encumbered by patents, but JBIG can
compress about 5-10% better.

For continuous-tone images, PDF supports JPEG compression and a few other

What formats are you claiming have better compression than PDF?

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