Intellec MDS questions

From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 15:15:38 2005

you are correct... the problem of having a classic rated memory in use. Old
chips tend to develop bit droppings...

At 03:42 PM 01/30/2005, Randy McLaughlin wrote:
>From: "Steve Thatcher" <>
>>maybe there are two Howards then. The only one I know provides copies on
>>per page copy price. Please share this second Howards site (I don't have
>>it...). Thanks!
>>At 03:14 PM 01/30/2005, Randy McLaughlin wrote:
>>>No, Howard does not charge to access his site. Howard does sell some
>>>great hardware and is a hardware/software consultant that he charges for
>>>but his site which includes documentation and software is free, at least
>>>to you he pays a hosting site to provide it.
>You are probably thinking of Herb Johnson, He does not have many
>downloadable manuals. He physically copies each page and charges for
>them. Herb does have some downloadable material which is free. Herb has
>some material only available through him. For people with dial up
>internet Herb is definitely the easiest way to go. I've bought both
>Hardware and copies of manuals from Herb and can say he is fair and honest.
>Howard Harte ( provides freely
>downloadable material, around 3.5gb.
>My site has a mirror of Howards site plus some extra Intel files including
>the MDS stuff.
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