Intellec MDS questions

From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 14:42:34 2005

From: "Steve Thatcher" <>
> maybe there are two Howards then. The only one I know provides copies on
> per page copy price. Please share this second Howards site (I don't have
> it...). Thanks!
> At 03:14 PM 01/30/2005, Randy McLaughlin wrote:
>>No, Howard does not charge to access his site. Howard does sell some
>>great hardware and is a hardware/software consultant that he charges for
>>but his site which includes documentation and software is free, at least
>>to you he pays a hosting site to provide it.

You are probably thinking of Herb Johnson, He does not have many
downloadable manuals. He physically copies each page and charges for them.
Herb does have some downloadable material which is free. Herb has some
material only available through him. For people with dial up internet Herb
is definitely the easiest way to go. I've bought both Hardware and copies
of manuals from Herb and can say he is fair and honest.

Howard Harte ( provides freely
downloadable material, around 3.5gb.

My site has a mirror of Howards site plus some extra Intel files including
the MDS stuff.

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