Reading RX01/02 disks on a PC

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 15:46:46 2005

>Al Kossow wrote:

> I run RT11 on a ZIP drive, read a bunch of images, and sneakernet the
> ZIP cart over to a system with E11 to dump the images.

Jerome Fine replies:

Please help me understand? I have also used
a so-called SCSI insider Iomega 100 MByte Zip
drive on both a real DEC PDP-11 using a
CQD 220/TM host adapter and on a PC using
an Adaptec AHA-2940AU host adapter. On both
the PDP-11 and the PC, I run RT-11 (under E11
on the PC with MOUNT DU0: SCSI0:).

Originally, I was asked to convert a PDP-11
system from an RQDX3 to a CQD 200/M host
adapter. When a removable media was needed,
the Zip drive was used instead of the RX50.
Since the media on the Zip drive have a larger
capacity than the RD53 drives originally on
that PDP-11 system, a single media backup
using the Zip drive became possible. When did
SCSI 50 pin Zip drives first appear? That seems
to be almost 10 years ago.

Later, it became possible to also use the
same Zip media under E11 on a PC to run RT-11
or just to transfer files.

I have also used the Sony SMO S-501 with excellent
results on both the real DEC PDP-11 and the PC.
Once I had a SCSI host adapter on both systems,
the SCSI drives were no longer a problem. It
is also possible to take a SCSI hard drive running
RT-11 on a real DEC PDP-11 and use the drive
as is to run RT-11 on a PC under E11, although
I had to work around the problem that Windows 98 SE
does not initially recognize the SCSI hard drive
because Windows 98 SE requires the SCSI hard drive
to be initialized with a FAT 16 or FAT 32 directory
(even though the specified error under Windows 98 SE
is that the SCSI hard drive is not formatted).

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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