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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 18:38:00 2005

>Back to the PDF problem, I still don't follow the *why*. Sure, modern
>PCs generally have Acrobat reader installed. But even more machines than
>that can read postscript, and even more than that still can handle a
>bunch of TIFF images (I'm talking about scanned image data here of
>course, not plain text).
>Why would someone want to limit the audience who can view their data?
>And if someone receives a bunch of images and is desperate for PDF, then
>they obviously have a machine capable of handling PDF, and therefore
>running the various free tools that'll create PDF files from images.

I don't view PDF's as limiting my audience, I would view TIFF's as
limiting my audience. People here need to stop and remember that
they're not typical computer users. Shoot, some computer users have
enough trouble reading PDF's, do you really think they're capable of
handling other formats?


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