Surplus Items (cleaning out my compuer room)

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Date: Sun Jan 30 18:51:59 2005

Expanded list:
This is kind of a mixup, things are listed as I got to them. If you want to
trade for them, great, if not e-mail me and I might give it to you FFS. I'm in
Western Wash., and I will ship stuff.

Sun 4-drive lunchbox (most parts were removed)
Sun Ultra-1 case (PS bad)
     I'm probably going to toss these, but if anyone needs them, they're FFS.

Wyse-150 terminal -- works but NVRAM battery dead (BR-type lithium)(hit space
on powerup to clear batt error)
RS/6000 3CT parts. processor card, planar, S4.5 memory card, floppy, P/S,
SCSI cable, processor power card,
     case, Medeco lock&key, Ethernet interface card (AUI & thin), probably
some other stuff.
Novell NetWare 2.2 serialized 5 user & manuals, for 286, 386, 486
Microsoft InPort bus mouse (8-bit ISA).
Okidata Microline 24 pin printhead, carriage, narrow-format gear rack, RS-232
interface & tractor
Compaq ProLiant drive tray for SCA drives, wide-ultra compatible [may be
Sun SPUD-2 sled
Power Macintosh 7200/75 Logic board
HP PA-8000 processor fan/heatsink assembly, from C180
Macintosh 1.44 MB diskette drive (new type-with door)
Mac (DB-15) to VGA (HD-15) video cable
Texas Microsystems SVC-70 SBus Versatec interface

Sun SPARCstation 5/110, 128MB/2GB with SunOS 4.1.3_U1 or Solaris 2.6,
  includes Type 5c keyboard/mouse
Indigo2 feet (in IMPACT purple)
IBM P-200 20" 13W3 Trinitron monitor with 13W3 cable.
IRIS Indigo drive sled
IBM RS/6000 keyboard (clicky IBM with integrated speaker)
IRIS Indigo2 IMPACT R4400/250 (Solid IMPACT)
Indigo2 IMPACT R4400/250 Dual Head (Solid/Extreme)
Indy R5000SC/150, XL8
(IRIX backups with above if wanted)
Power Macintosh 7200 (Upgraded to Tsunami/180MHz)(can downgrade to orig. if
IBM MCA GTX-150M graphics for RS/6000
IBM CATIA/CADAM Version 4 Release 2 software for AIX
IBM AIX version 4.3.3 documentation
IBM buttons and dials, model 6094-010 & 6094-020
Sun type 5c keyboard
Dell Latitude CP PCMCIA card slot module
Dell Latitude CP keyboard
Dell Latitude CP 233 MHz Pentium-M processor module
Dell Latitude CP touchpad& palm rest
Dell Latitude CP bottom case with latches.

Things I'm looking for: Motorola 88k (e.g. AViiON) , DEC stuff, SGI
Indigo/IRIS 68k, small Control Data/Data General, and other "interesting" hardware,
also Mac stuff, MMJ->console (DB-25m) cable, scope probes (for Tek 555? scope),
SCSI cables, Sun Ultra1 RAM, and so on.
S/W: IRIX, 4.0.5 (All platforms/IDE) Domain/OS 10.4.1 (tapes or
installation tools and Authorized Area copy), DG/UX for AViiON 88k, NeXTstep/OpenStep
(Intel/Sun), fun IRIX/SunOS/Solaris/Domain/HP-UX stuff, things like that.
parallel keyboard for CP/M system, Apollo documentation (425e/SR10.4.1)

or-make me an offer.

-Scott Quinn
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