two 11/34's, 11/03, six RK05's, etc

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 22:26:21 2005

Ebay item # 5159917411

two 11/34's, an 11/03, six RK05's, over 100 RK05 packs, loads of docs &
software, etc. etc.

The guy doesn't want to ship any of it. Interestingly, he's about 20 minutes
from my house. Since he doesn't want to ship he may have a hard time selling

I don't want much of this, perhaps a couple of the RK05's. Someone willing
to take a lot of this and go in with me? I just don't want to see it go to a
landfill if no one buys it, and it's very close.

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