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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 22:40:53 2005

> >Of course there is the big difference that correctly working hardware can
> >fail (a component can go out-of-spec), correctly working software
> >doesn't. But anyway...
> >
> Don't be so sure. I know of one bug in RT-11
> which has been there for over 30 years. Because

No, I stand by what I said. If there's a bug, then that software is not
correctly-working (even if it seems to be).

The analogy for hardware would be a marginal timing problem (wher,
peerhaps, every 10 years 2 signals arrive effetively in the wrong order).
That's a mis-design, it's not working correctly.

But correnctly-working software carries on working. Hardware on the other
hand can stop workin if a component fails.

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