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From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 06:26:24 2005

Eric Smith wrote:
> By default, DjVu uses lossy compression, which is
> significantly smaller. But for archival purposes, I *much* prefer the
> lossless coding. Should I decide to OCR the documents at a later date,

To be fair, DjVu lossy-encodes the graphics, not the text. One of the "selling
points" of the format is that B&W text is kept on its own lossless layer.

> Also, G4 coding is a much better known standard. If fifty years from
> now someone has to build their own drive to read an ancient CD, and
> discovers that it's full of compressed images, I think they've got a
> much better chance of being able to decode G4 images since the format
> is well-documented and well-known.


> However, if someone else went to the trouble of archiving a bunch of
> old computer docs in DjVu, I'd still thank them for doing so, as it
> is quite obviously much better to have the docs in DjVu format that
> to not have them at all.

Heh, also agreed :-)
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