extracting H/V sync from sync-on-green video signal?

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jan 31 06:51:15 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 21:08 -0500, der Mouse wrote:
> > I keep on finding sync combining circuits that'll do seperate sync to
> > sync on green everywhere, but nothing to do the reverse!
> I thought the right thing there was to simply connect the green output
> to both the green video input and the sync input.

Yes, I expected that to work too, but no luck here with the Tek
connected to my old 19" Sun 'goldfish bowl' screen (which was working
when I last used it a few years ago)

Unfortunately I don't have an LM1881 chip in the spares pile :-( I could
have sworn there was an easier way though (i.e. not using a 'custom'
chip) but digging through my saved schematics I can't find anything.

The 21" Iiyama screen on my desktop PC has both BNC and VGA inputs and
will do S-O-G of course, so I can still hook the Tek up that way - but
the machine's noisy as all hell, so it would have been nice to get it
into another room with its own display (and just telnet in to work on


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