From: Bill Whitson <bw_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 9 15:57:27 1997

Hi Jim.

> I agreed with the new rules until the bit where nobody can say they disagree.
> That, and I really don't have time to read the volume coming from this list.
> Farewell all, then. If you have questions about apple2 GSs or Tiger Learning
> Computers, please feel free to e-mail me personally

Sorry you feel this way. The point wasn't really to prevent you from
disagreeing - it was to prevent a flood of responses which might have
bogged down the list for days. The whole idea of the new rules was to
curb the absolute flood of unsubs that have resulted for the most part
due to the constant bickering. We dropped from over 220 members to 160
over the last month. I'm sorry to see you go.

> Bill, please unsubscribe me.


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