Gateway 2000 Buys Amiga

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Date: Wed Jul 9 12:07:44 1997

Well, there's the 500/1000/2000 series still useful at my hometown,
but problem is:
Will they will keep making those chips?! Better yet, improved and
using CMOS instead of hotter NMOS?

Jason D.

> >there are however, are old A1200's or something like that (I'm not to
> >familiar with the Amiga line) going for sale as "remanufactured".
> Bryan,
> Amiga International is now a speperate, though wholy owned subsidiary of
> Gateway 2000. It has recieved quite a bit of coverage in the last two issues
> of 'Amazing Computing/AMiga'. In fact, Amiga International has just signed
> two seperate agreements allowing for 'clones' based on the technology. From
> what I've read, Gateway and Amiga have every intention of revamping the
> machine and putting it back in production. BTW, the A1200's aren't
> remanufactured...they are brand new units that they started new production
> lines for a few months ago.
> Jeff
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