Gateway 2000 Buys Amiga

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 21:45:33 1997

On 10-Jul-97, wrote:

>Apparently Gateway 2000 has purchased the Amiga name, but from what I hear,
>has no real plans for implementation on a new product at the moment. What
>there are however, are old A1200's or something like that (I'm not to
>familiar with the Amiga line) going for sale as "remanufactured".


   Amiga International is now a speperate, though wholy owned subsidiary of
Gateway 2000. It has recieved quite a bit of coverage in the last two issues
of 'Amazing Computing/AMiga'. In fact, Amiga International has just signed
two seperate agreements allowing for 'clones' based on the technology. From
what I've read, Gateway and Amiga have every intention of revamping the
machine and putting it back in production. BTW, the A1200's aren't
remanufactured...they are brand new units that they started new production
lines for a few months ago.

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