Gateway 2000 Buys Amiga

From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Wed Jul 9 23:56:45 1997

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Benedict Chong wrote:

> Aren't the A1200 a little too 'old' technology for the new machines
> market where everyone must have a fast MMX Px with faster math copro
> for Quake? Unless they're selling them as NCs or Nintendo killers.
> And even as a Nintendo killer, I wonder how the A1200 stacks up
> against the N64 (not that I've actually seen one in action).
> I'm really curious.

The last time I checked, the going price for a 1200 was osmehting like
$575. For that you got a 14mhz 68020, 2 megs ram, and a 80 (maybe 60) meg
HD. Nowhere near being competitive to either a Nintendo or even a PC!

PLus, software is extremely expensive and relatively hard to find (You
have to know where to look)

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