Gateway 2000 Buys Amiga

From: Benedict Chong <>
Date: Wed Jul 9 16:48:39 1997

On Tue, 08 Jul 1997 07:45:33 +0500, you wrote:

% Amiga International is now a speperate, though wholy owned
subsidiary of
%Gateway 2000. It has recieved quite a bit of coverage in the last
two issues
%of 'Amazing Computing/AMiga'. In fact, Amiga International has just
%two seperate agreements allowing for 'clones' based on the
technology. From
%what I've read, Gateway and Amiga have every intention of revamping
%machine and putting it back in production. BTW, the A1200's aren't
%remanufactured...they are brand new units that they started new
%lines for a few months ago.

Don't flame me, but my question is : is there a market out there for
the Amiga? Even the video editing/effects market seems to have turned
towards Apple machines. And even Apple itself is finding selling
difficult in the face of the Wintel machines.

Aren't the A1200 a little too 'old' technology for the new machines
market where everyone must have a fast MMX Px with faster math copro
for Quake? Unless they're selling them as NCs or Nintendo killers.

And even as a Nintendo killer, I wonder how the A1200 stacks up
against the N64 (not that I've actually seen one in action).

I'm really curious.

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