Atari still around?

From: Gil Parrish <>
Date: Fri Jul 18 14:17:00 1997

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>Does anyone know if Atari is still around? I remember years ago (really
not TOO long ago) I wrote to them and they sent me a pretty huge list of
old Atari 2600, etc., games still available, as well as old Atari 400/800
software they still had around. Does anyone know if there are still Atari
disutibutors that do this?<

Atari was purchased by someone else and dissolved as an independent

No clue if the successors have any inventory, but I suspect I know where
their leftover cartridges went. An outfit called O'Shea, Ltd. has one
million, three hundred thousand atari video game cartridges (!), and is
selling them for 80 cents apiece. They claim they have 50 different
titles, but I only see about 40 listed; pretty evenly divided between 7800
series cartridges and 2600 cartridges.

These people seem to sell mostly in bulk (most of their different items are
available only by the case), but there's no such notation with respect to
the Atari cartridges. I've never done business with them, and I frankly
don't know what they'd do if you asked for (say) one copy each of ten
different titles. But might be worth a try if you want to round out your
Atari cartridge collection.

One the internet, they're at
E-mail is
Phone is 816-531-1177
Address is on West 47th Street in Kansas City.

and I'm at

Gil Parrish
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