Much to Do About - Everything - Transportation & HP 2000s

From: David Williams <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 19:12:25 1997

On 22 Jul 97 at 23:18, Brett wrote:
> That's funny Stacy 8-) This is what I thought belonging to this group and
> the Classic Computer Rescue Squad was ALL about.

[Stuff on the Classic Computer Rescue Squad's Chinese Fire Drill]

I love it! I'd be more than happy to throw in and get a truck and
make a weekend run if it meant that I could get some DEC, HP, DG or
other equipment, meet other collectors, and it would really work out
like that. My place isn't big but when it comes to computer
equipment, I make room. Hey, the kids LIKE camping outside. :-)

With all the talk on minis, anyone know where I can get an HP 2000 or
any info about them? That was the first system I programmed on and
all I have left of the experience is an HP 2000 BASIC Pocket Guide
and some punch tapes. Surprised I still have those given it was over
20 years ago.

David Williams - Computer Packrat
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