Lonesome Minicomputer Owner

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Wed Jul 23 00:11:56 1997

> I own a Honeywell 716 Minicomputer, in running order. Itīs a general
> purpose 16-bit machine, with 128 KB of ferrite core memory, a cassette
> tape device, a front panel as main console, and an ASR-33 Teletype as
> operator's console.

That sounds pretty cool. That is also quite a great deal of core - lucky you.

> Iīve read somewhere (donīt know if itīs true) that first nodes in
> Arpanet were Honeywell DDP 516. I think my system is the next model
> (Honeywell DDP 716). In fact, mine can execute H-516's instructions set.
RCS/RI will (hopefully) have one of the ARPAnet machines in the near
future, to go with our old NSFnet stuff. I believe the model number is 316.
Take a look at the RCS/RI page (if you can not connect, try a different day,
as the machine may be powered down).

William Donzelli
Received on Wed Jul 23 1997 - 00:11:56 BST

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