A trip back in time in Boston

From: Glenn Roberts <groberts_at_mitre.org>
Date: Fri Jun 13 14:38:13 1997

Opens tomorrow. Should be fun!:

"Boston, MA (May 23) - On June 14, 1997, The Computer Museum re-creates the
dawn of the PC age through a lifesize reconstruction of a 1970s' hacker's
garage and vintage personal computing artifacts. ... The Museum draws on
artifacts from its rich collection, including an Apple I and Altair 8800,
to recall the garages of 1970s' hobbyists who assembled "homebrew"
computers ... Rich in period detail, the "garage" is cluttered with an
oscilloscope, a ham radio, an old TV tube, 1970s' issues of Byte magazine,
a drum set, a guitar and photos of Mick Jagger and the Beatles. The relics
- including two early personal computers and two video games - recall a
pivotal time when computers began to serve as consumer items ..."

for the full article see:


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