old memory boards?

From: A.R. Duell <ard12_at_eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Wed Jun 18 20:03:26 1997

> I was picking up a load of Sun VME-bus equipment today and ran across
> some memory boards. These are definitely not for the suns, neither
> multi-bus nor vmebus. The boards are perhaps 12"x16" and are populated
> with what I presume to be memory chips (AMD 21-17559-01 / 8333EMM)
> in 16 banks of 9 chips each. The connector along the back has 6
> distinct edge-card pieces, with 18 contacts per connector per side.

> one is manufactured by Motorola, and 4 have digital markings. Along
> the back of three of the digital boards, there are two metal
> protrusions. One says AM, the other M8210. The other digital board
> is AZ M8210, and it has a lot of Mostek chips that I would guess
> are 16kbit 300ns chips . .

That sounds like a standard DEC hex-height board (apart from the size -
DEC boards were more like 10" long). I would suspect the memory was
probably 8 banks of 18 bits (16 bits + parity on each byte)

> Does anyone know what machine used these boards?

PDP11? They might conceivably be VAX-11 boards, but I can't find the M8210
in any of my lists, so without seeing them I can't be sure.

> drives to become operational. Do SMD drives frequently show up at
> swap meets, etc?

I've managed to find them. Note that there are small (8") winchesters,
larger winchesters (10.5" and 14") and downright massive demountables all
with the SMD interface.

> matt

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