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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 23:13:18 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Well, I think we are all members of that select group :). In checking
> though another box of docs, I found a couple dozen DEC books from the
> 60's and 70's covering the PDP 11, 11/40, 11/34, 11/45, 16, 20, VAX, and
> a bunch of other interesting stuff. This collecting could get to be
> addictive :)!

Tell me about it. I can't stop stuffing crap into my garage. Today I
happened to be in the area of my (now favorite) thrift shop and picked up
the following:

Tandy 1000HX with Tandy 300 baud modem, Tandy Mouse, Tandy Disk Storage
case, two Tandy 3.5" disk drives, a Tandy Clock Chip upgrade (all in the
box...I think I got the Tandy Geek's old system).

Two Atari 2600s (one almost complete in the original box), one Atari
2600jr, a bunch of 2600 carts

A box of Intellivision carts

A commodore 64c with disk drive

An Odyssey 4000 (pong games, circa 1978 I believe, very nice).

Two beige TI 99/4a

and some miscellany.

All for $50.00.

So much to sort through, so little time.

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