IMSAI 8080 production count

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 18 23:25:28 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Sam Ismail wrote:
> >
> > that to advertise for stuff you do want. Here's a suggested ad:
> >
> > "WANTED: Your old computers- commodores, ataris, texas instruments,
> > radio shack/tandy, older 70s/80s mini-computers, etc. Will pay cash.
> > No PCs or PC clones manufactured within the last 10 years please."
> >
> > Stick that in your local penny-saver or whatever-they-call-it-there paper
> > and wait for the calls to flood in.
> >
> It sounds like you may have done this, so what, if I can ask, do people
> normally expect to be paid for "their pride and joy" given your
> suggested ad? Unless I either don't have the computer or it is unique
> in some way, I try not to pay anything for the computers. Most people
> are happy for it to have found a good home. Not always though :).

Normally people who respond to these ads are surprised that anyone is
stupid enough to even want to take this stuff, let alone pay money for
it. It actually depends on size at this point in a computer's
obsolescence...humans are funny that way, valuing something by its size
when all other notions of value have faded with time. $5 for small
units, $10 for medium size and $15 for big. Unless they know what it is
they are selling, such as my friend who sold me his Victor 9000, ZX81 and
IMSAI 8080 for $100. I would piece that up like so: IMSAI - $70, Victor
9000 - $20, ZX81 - $10.

Really though, its up to you to propose a price. From my experience
though, when they ask what you want to pay for it (since a lot of times
they don't know what to sell it for, and of course they'd like to get the
most out of it that they can) ask %60 of what you eventually want it for.
Make sure you've done some research on what you are buying so that you
don't end up paying more than fair market value (which is to say what we
here would pay since we are the market). If you're lucky (you will be
more times than you think) they'll say SOLD! Other times they'll add %25
or so, but that's only if they are arabic, greek or jewish (mediterraneans
in general) because we like to haggle. Like if you say $15 they'll say
$20. Then maybe if you want to waste some time you can go $17! And
they'll go no $20! And then...well anyway, I could write a whole book on
it. It takes practice, but its fun. Its all part of the collecting
experience for me.

Well this message has dawdled. Is that a word?

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