Digilog 1500

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Jun 19 01:34:14 1997

It seems every time I turn around, I find something else I either
haven't seen in a while, or don't know anything about it. In this case,
I picked up a brand new Digilog 1500 some number of years ago. It is
not on the "Big List" so does anyone know anything about this? I seem
to recall the guy I bought it from saying it was around $9500 new.
Unfortunately, it came with no docs or software, just a brand new
machine. It is a unit with the keyboard, monitor, disk drives, and
probably the rest of the computer contained in the same case (I haven't
opened it up.) It is about the size of a TRS Model III/IV. Thanks.
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