Hams who collect

From: A.R. Duell <ard12_at_eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Sun Jun 22 21:33:02 1997

> I see a number of references to people who get things at hamfests,
> swapfests, and other amateur radio type events. As such, I was just
> curious who out there has their amateur radio license. I have one and
> my call is KE6HTS.

G1XPF here. That's a 'Class B' license, roughly the equivalent of a
no-code tech in the States.

But, at least in the UK, people without an amateur radio license are
welcome at radio rallies (hamfests), etc. Sometimes you'll be asked for a
callsign (particularly if you want the seller to hold something for you to
pick up later, or for identification if you're paying by cheque), but you
can always claim to be a short-wave listener (SWL). I did that for a
couple of rallies, got interested in the hobby, and got my license.

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