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From: Jeff Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Mon Jun 23 10:47:20 1997

> >
> > I see a number of references to people who get things at hamfests,
> > swapfests, and other amateur radio type events. As such, I was just
> > curious who out there has their amateur radio license. I have one and
> > my call is KE6HTS.
> G1XPF here. That's a 'Class B' license, roughly the equivalent of a
> no-code tech in the States.
> But, at least in the UK, people without an amateur radio license are
> welcome at radio rallies (hamfests), etc. Sometimes you'll be asked for a
> callsign (particularly if you want the seller to hold something for you to
> pick up later, or for identification if you're paying by cheque), but you
> can always claim to be a short-wave listener (SWL). I did that for a
> couple of rallies, got interested in the hobby, and got my license.

I'm KH6JJN. Been licensed for twenty years this year. I became
enamoured with computers the following year . . .

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