Collecting old microprocessors (as opposed to Computers)

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 09:49:22 1997

Brett wrote:

> I thought the 8008 was developed to go into a terminal. And then the
> original *user* decided against using it so Intel started hawking it
> as a micro-cpu. It must hav made it into SOMETHING that was not a
> computer. Someone mentioned thr front panel of a DEC but it must
> have been used in some terminals. Anybody know if and which?
> As I remember the 4004 was actually Intels first micro-cpu and I don't
> know of any commercial product that used them - but I don't know
> everything. Any product types and names?
> BC

Yes! I do! I do! (Hand raised, flailing about)
When I worked for John Fluke Mfg. in the early eighties, I used to
repair their 6010 & 6012 audio frequency synthesizers. These used
one 4004 processors for EVERYTHING; keyboard control, display
generation (one led segment at a time), synthesizer latch loading,
level control etc.

It was one BUSY little chip.

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