Where does the software go?

From: BigLouS_at_aol.com <(BigLouS_at_aol.com)>
Date: Sun Mar 16 17:03:32 1997

I have always wondered what happens to the software that was used on the
computers that show up at thrift stores. I understand that someone who is
just upgrading from a 8088 to a pentium will keep his software but what about
Atari's, Applle II's and Commodore 64's? Why keep the software if you are
getting rid of the hardware? Can anybody explain this to me? This came to
mind again because I just picked up a C64 at a thrift shop with a 1541 and a
BusLogic card (??) but there was nary a disk or cartridge.

BTW, can anybody tell me where I can get a boot disk for the C64?:-)

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