Spare Chips

From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Wed May 21 21:07:17 1997

At 08:47 PM 5/21/97 -0400, William Donzelli wrote:
>And of course, grab hold of every spare chip available off of donor machines.
>William Donzelli
I have found what seems to be a decent supply of eproms. I was looking at
an old 2400 baud fax modem for my pc, and noticed that it had what looked
like an eprom on it. I pulled the chip and peeled off the label, and it was
a 27256 eprom. I also bought a 2400 baud modem at a thrift store for $2.00
and it had a 27128 eprom in it. This was cheaper than buying the eprom by
itself. I paid $3.00 for a 2764, and didn't even price a 27128. I am going
to start picking up all of the old cheap, almost worthless modems and
grabbing the eproms out of them. You can probably pick up the modem for
less than the price of the eprom that it holds. If anyone else knows of a
cheap source of eproms or other chips, share it with us.
Isaac Davis
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