From: Bill Yakowenko <yakowenk_at_cs.unc.edu>
Date: Wed Nov 5 19:07:56 1997

Hey all. I think its about time I de-lurk and introduce myself.
My name is Bill, and I'm very interested in SwTPC and SSB stuff.
We had a couple SwTPC 6800 systems in my high school way back when,
and I'd love to see one again (or own one!).

After signing up for the Classic Computer Rescue Squad, I started
thinking, if a big old machine actually needed a rescue, what
would we do? I mean, maybe we should collect info on how big
these old things are, in terms of floor-space, tonnage, time to
dismantle, and so on. Then, when a rescue call comes in, we
could maybe decide if we can feasibly deal with it, and if anyone
actually wants the thing. If only three guys show up to dismantle
200 tons of vacuum tubes, it isn't gonna happen on-schedule. And
it's one thing to keep a mini in a corner, but not all of us can
arrange space for, say, a 360. So there are legitimate (if sad)
reasons that we might have to pass up a find.

Also, would it be good to have a rescue checklist? I can think
of a dozen things that might be good to do during a rescue, but
I'll bet I wouldn't think of half of it in the excitement of
rescue-day. I guess I'm volunteering to collect this, if you
all think it's a good idea and want to suggest things.

Okay, I'll close with the obligatory lists:

                SwTPC 6800, CT-64, CT-VM, MF-68
                EPROM burner
        Have (willing to trade away):
                DecScope terminal (ie: vt52), works
                DecMate-III (don't yet know if it works)
                Apple //c with monochrome monitor, some manuals, works
                Radio Shack CoCo 2's, work
                Defaced (ie: no faceplate) Amiga something-or-other,
                        with no monitor, keyboard, docs, or anything,
                        probably doesn't work
        Have (and will keep!):
                Radio Shack CoCo 1's and a CoCo 3, tech manual
                IBM PC-XT clone
                SwTPC S/09 (down with disk problems)
                Lear-Seigler ADM-31 terminal (bought today!)

Of course, some of this stuff would have significant shipping costs
associated with it, unless you live nearby (central NC).

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