From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Nov 5 19:44:17 1997

Bill Yakowenko wrote:

> Hey all. I think its about time I de-lurk and introduce myself.
> My name is Bill, and I'm very interested in SwTPC and SSB stuff.
> We had a couple SwTPC 6800 systems in my high school way back when,
> and I'd love to see one again (or own one!).

Hi Bill, welcome to the list! BTW, what is SSB stuff? I think of SSB as
Single-Side Band for ham radio but I don't think that is what you are
referring to :). How long have you been lurking?

> After signing up for the Classic Computer Rescue Squad, I started
> thinking, if a big old machine actually needed a rescue, what
> would we do? I mean, maybe we should collect info on how big
> these old things are, in terms of floor-space, tonnage, time to
> dismantle, and so on. Then, when a rescue call comes in, we

That sounds like a really good thing to do and it would be good information
to have just because we are collecting these things. Hope to see you
posting more frequently now!
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