apollo computers?

From: Ray Stricklin <rstrickl_at_linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us>
Date: Wed Nov 5 19:07:32 1997

> The HP Apollos can run DomainOS, HP-UX (up to 9.x I think), and one fo the
> free BSD kernels. Make sure it comes with an OS, unless you want to have
> some fun in tracking down an OS for it.

I have an HP Apollo DN5500, which is only able to run DomainOS, but does
have BSD and SysV 'flavours' in addition to the standard 'Aegis'

The only HP Apollo systems that will run either DomainOS or HP-UX (up to
9.x, you're right) are the 400 series. Switching from one to the other
requires changing the keyboard as well as, of course, the OS and software.

There is a very limited amount of hardware that the Apollo DN series
machines will accept, even though the hardware design might lead you to
believe you have a wider choice. It is limited by OS support. For
example, while most later models will allow you to install a SCSI
controller, the machine will only boot from an ESDI disk. The older 8000
series colour monitors have notoriously bad pictures, as well. q:

The 400 series Apollos are much better in this respect.

Agreed on the tracking an OS down; it's a bear for either DomainOS or

> ethernet and token ring network

You should be aware that this is NOT the same as IBM's Token Ring. It is a
different media, a different topology, and a different protocol.

I'm by no means an Apollo expert, but I've spent about a year now fighting
my DN5500 trying to get it into a usable state, searching for any resource
that might possibly help---so I've got a nice pile of info stacked up
here on Apollos in general.

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