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Date: Sun Nov 16 13:38:48 1997

Allison wrote:
> The classic example of this and a conter arguement is the BeeGee Racing
> aircraft. It was considered a widowmaker, as it nearly or did kill most
> of the pilots that flew it!. A replica was made and the plane has been
> flying for several years at airshows and doing remarkable acrobatics...
> guess what it hasn't killed the pilot. What was lost was that it took a
> healty respect and some knowledge of design and flight to figure out that
> it wasn't so much the plane as the pilots that were the problem and they
> have learned about the flight characteristics of a plane that was deemed
> unflyable. Not to mention seeing a piece of flying history debunked.

It was actually the profile of the wing is what caused pilots deaths,
after that they found that too experimenal so a different profile was
used instead when that BeeGee became more safer to have. I'm into
it, just reading up. :)


> With some exception cars and place can be preserved where some parts of
> computers must be exercised or potentially fail. The other issue is
> this may not even be a working example at this time.
Good idea to use them from time to time to keep it happy.
Especially those capacitors.
> It's one thing when it's the last one, another when there are more to see.

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