For Trade: (New) Inmac 16 sector 5 1/4" floppy disks

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 00:14:18 1997

I need some 5 1/4" 10-sector floppies for my various "classic/antique"
machines. I thought that was what I was buying in a recent on-line
auction. What I ended up with was 16-sector floppies. I don't even
know what uses these; certainly nothing I have. Accordingly, I'm
offering to trade for 10-sector versions. These are Inmac DS,DD, 16
hard sector 5 1/4" disks with envelopes. Quantity 30 (3 boxes of 10).
Two boxes are still factory shrink-wrapped. The 3rd was until I
opened it to verify that I'd gotten the wrong thing; none were used.
Make a trade offer, or alternatively, does anyone know where and how
much I might be able to just *buy* some 10-sectors?

                            -Bill Richman
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