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Date: Sun Nov 16 19:32:28 1997

> Charles P. Hobbs wrote:
> > On Sat, 15 Nov 1997, PG Manney wrote:
> >
> > > >Ok, I still haven't been able to find out what's wrong with the
> > LCD in my
> > > >Tandy Model 100 (the rest of the machine works fine, as I was able
> > to tell
> > > >by blind-writing BASIC progs that beep the speaker).
> > >
> > > Just type PRINT CHR$(7), which will process ASCII BEL (Control G).
> >
> > Sure, I can do that and it works, which makes this all the more
> > frustrating . . .I did have a practical use for this machine (taking
> > notes in research libraries, or accessing e-mail on the road).
> >
> > Is it worth tring to fix?
> Yes it is if you can find another machine with a good idsplay and a
> trashed mb or keyboard for example. RS wants $224 for a new LCD board.
> I had one of my machines LCD die and I bought another with a dead mb for
> $25 and ended up with a lot of spare memory as well as a LCD.
> Good Luck
> James
Wait a min, why not do more investigating to find out WHY that
display poofed? I'm curious, is the wirings all good, no cracks in
"printed ink" flat cables or is it metallic flat cables? There must
be a inverter to generate bias to make LCD work somewhere either on
LCD or on mb, did you turn the contrast knob to make sure? This
adjusts the bias level and could be bad! The interconnection
between actual LCD glass and the PCB is not that hard to take apart
to clean and easy to align together and screw them back together?
Flex that cables when viewing the display, if it flickers, you
spotted the guilty child in cookie jar. :) Sometimes can catch bad
solder connections. Also press firmly on backside to see if you can
make better connections between them but yet not to break glass, the
thickness is like top quality wine especially globe.

It's best to investigate the display before swapping because they're
so expensive and so valueable!

By the way, do you still have both bad MB and bad displays? That I
might able to repair as long as that display is not smashed?

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