Lisa 2/5 Startup Problems

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 01:10:01 1997

Adam Jenkins wrote:

> I've got one of these too - beautiful computers, wonderfully engineered.
> >Opening up the case I saw one problem the four batteries need
> replacement,
> >and are starting to corrode. Any idea's on where replacements can be
> found?
> Always check for this. A very common problem is that the batteries corrode
> and kill the motherboard.

Once the batteries start to corrode and leak, the area needs to be cleaned
AND neutralized with something acidic in order to prevent problems later
on. I have seen a number of cases where the battery leaked and the area was
cleaned up without neutralizing. Looks fine until a couple of years later
when things start getting flaky and finally die. A close look will usually
show the area where there USED to be traces! I usually use Muriatic Acid
as it does a good job of neutralizing without damaging the circuitry or the
solder joints. BTW, I only use a few drops straight muriatic acid (= 33%
HCl) and after all the foaming stops, rinse it well with water trying to
only get water on the affected area (makes drying easier). I use tap water
but DI or distilled water is best since it won't leave a residue when it
evaporates. A thorough drying follows.
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