Lisa 2/5 Startup Problems

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 04:50:14 1997

>>Are there disk images of the boot disks available anywhere? I gather there
>>is a program on the Apple site
>> that will let you
>>create them, but I haven't had any luck searching. I would almost assume
>>they are on a Apple server somewhere since pre-System 7.1 MacOS, and the OS
>>for the Apple II is there.
>You should be able to get them, but I am afraid I know not where. However I
>had heard that Sun Remarketing had the OS for the Lisa, including the
>original Office 7/7, or whatever it was called. You should perhaps contact

So far as I know, they are not available on any archive site, Apple or
otherwise. They were, however, on a couple of Apple Developer or Support
CD-ROMS along with all of the then-existant OS's.

A couple months back, another netter sent me a copy of all the DART disk
images. This covered the Lisa 7/7 OS and applications, the Mac XL
software, and the Lisa Migration Kit. IIRC, another CD-ROM also had the
images for the Lisa Workbench and compilers, but they were not on this
person's ROM.

If you want, I will forward you a copy via seperate cover. Can you deal
with MIME-encoded attachments?

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