On the hunt at Goodwill . . . .

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Mon Sep 22 18:25:05 1997

On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Jeff Kaneko wrote:

> I dunno about this guy, but I'm in the Midwest. It can be pretty
> slim pickens out here. The thrift down the street from where I live
> is asking $10 for 1541's and 1571's. Too steep. I wait for the
> price to go down . . . .

Not to get anyone excited but 1571 drives command a decent price on
comp.sys.cbm. I've sold a couple there for $25 each, and that was on the
low side as they got snatched up quick.

But as far as that sort of stuff goes, I'm with Kai. Of course, I'm on
the west coast as well. I can find stuff like C64, Atari 800, TI-99/4a,
etc. in thrift shops for anywhere from $.99 to $2.98.

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