Are these really worth keeping?

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 18:54:58 1997

I could use some advice here...

I'm starting to sort through the misc. parts and accessories that I've
collected over the years and am wondering if certain things are really
worth keeping, such as:

        1200 baud modems (Hayes external, Racal Vadic VA212LC)
        CGA cards
        Hercules and MDA mono cards
        Generic XT floppy controllers

You get the idea...

Also, a few items that I'd like to find homes for if anyone has a use for them:

1) 7-nodes of Synoptics Lattisnet.
   This consists of 7 WD 8003EBT cards and matching hub. The 8003EBT is a
   8-bit ISA card which is still supported by Win95, Linux, etc. It implements
   a pre 10-base-T standard for twisted pair ethernet.

2) 5 nodes of Fox/DCA/Sitka 10-Net.
   10-Net is an early peer-to-peer LAN for PC's. The 5 boards implement an
   "Ethernet-like" protocol and appear similar to 3C501 cards.
   Comes with v3.1 and v3.2 of the software.

3) 4 Computone Intelliport 8-port serial cards
   These are the older models which had the external "paddles". Unfortunately,
   I only have two of the paddles.
   AFAIK, these are not supported by Linux/ FreeBSD/etc. They are (or were,
   anyway) supported under SCO Unix.

4) 1 Hostess 4-port serial card.
   Also supported (or was, anyway) by SCO.

All I want is postage + a couple of bucks to make it worth my time to pack

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