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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon Sep 22 21:20:06 1997

>But as far as that sort of stuff goes, I'm with Kai. Of course, I'm on
>the west coast as well. I can find stuff like C64, Atari 800, TI-99/4a,
>etc. in thrift shops for anywhere from $.99 to $2.98.

I guess I'm in the wrong part of the West Coast! In the Portland area I've
only gotten lucky enough to find stuff that cheep once or twice. Plus it
seems like most stuff is either a C64, a 1541 drive, or a TI-99/4a, and
they are always bare. You can't find stuff like power supplies, cables, or
whatever else it takes to make them function without a LOT of looking. The
average price at GW in this area for any item of this class is about $10!
I think my best find ever around here was a TI-99/4a with PS, modulator,
cassette cable, and 3 carts (which included extended BASIC) for $4.
Needless to say this wasn't at GW it was another local Thrift Store which
happens to be litterly next door to GW.


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