Rabbit 286 ????

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Apr 9 16:53:05 1998

    Today I bought three portable PCs marked "Rabbit 286". They're about
the size of a large lunch box and have a keyboard that fastens against one
side. When you remove the keyboard it uncovers a gas plasma screen. There
are slots for two 3.5 drives on the right hand side and a door on the left
side. Opening the door exposes the back of several expansion card slots.
There's a label on the bottom that says "Chicony Electronics Co.", "Model
286G-A", "Gas Plasma Display" and "640H x 400W Dots". One almost works, one
is dead and the third one is somewhere in between. Does anyone know
anything about these? I'm wondering if it's possible to put a small 386 or
486 mother board in these.

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