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Date: Sun Apr 12 01:29:20 1998

On Sun, 12 Apr 1998, Enrico Tedeschi wrote:

> 1) he sent the wrong computer ad I CLEARLY SPECIFIED that I wanted the VERY
> FIRST TRS-80 model ever made and he knows this and that is why he is so
> vehement in his replies.

Well, gee, that says a lot. Did you mean you wanted the first one off the
assembly line? Or the first prototype itself? Simply saying you want the
very first particular make of a computer is not very concise. I could say
I wanted the very first Apple ][ but that could mean anything from the
original 4K model with manual start ROMs or the later 48K version upgraded
with the autostart ROMs. In this case, it is your fault for not precisely
stating what you wanted. Cord can't read your mind.

> He is a CONMAN and he knows it and that is why he is refusing to discuss the
> matter. I even offered to pay again to dispatch for the right computer as it
> would be uneconomical for me and for him to return both the computers back to
> the source (I spend more than 40.00 to send mine).

Look, if this did happen, the best you can do is simply post a SINGLE
message stating your case and LEAVE IT AT THAT. Don't expect everyone to
be all up and arms and indignant over it for you. There's no point in
staging a mock trial over it. Let both sides tell their story and then if
you have any further dispute, take it to e-mail. We don't really care.
We're intelligent enough to make our own decisions about the allegations
and the rebuttal.

> There you are. I hope I have explained myself. This is not a private matter
> anymore: if he is so determined to con somebody who, he thinks that being so

Yes, it is and has always been a private matter. Thanks for informing us
of a possible danger. Duely noted. Now please deal with it in private
where it belongs.

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