tractor feeders

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 20:01:10 1998

Actually, my favorites are the ones where the tractors are right
on the platen. No jams and no wasted paper. I once had an Epson
MX-150 that jammed something awful. I got rid of that. An example
of the former is the Okidata 120, which I used with my C-64. But
to tell you the truth, I can't stand wasted paper almost as much
as wasted hardware ;)
>Most older dot-matrix printers had tractors after the
>Some of them, like my Sanders units have 2 sets of tractors, before and
>after the platten.
>Yes, it does mean that you waste a sheet of paper when you finish
>printing something - you have to do an extra formfeed. On the other
>I'm quite sure it saves a lot of paper due to the reduction in the
>of paper jams. A lot of 'push' type tractors seem to be great at

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