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From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 20:08:46 1998

>shortwave radio.
Speaking of shortwave, imagine if the FCC authorize commerce on
ham radio! Ugh...

I am completely unfamiliar with S-100 systems, so could you please
explain... were S-100 technologically superior to PCs (i.e. IBM
PC 5150), or just aesthetically? As far as I know, they used an
older processor...
Was it just an issue of being used to them?
As for laissez-faire, I never have believed in it. It makes society
too concerned about money. This is proven when complete crap hardware
is released now, and people don't care because it's good _financially_

>And just to bring it back on topic...when consumer PCs came out (IBM,
>PET, Atari, Apple, etc.) those of us who built and used "real" micros
>(S-100s of course) lamented that fact that the microcomputer market was
>being overrun by large corporations bent on destroying the
>market of the mid 70s. Sound familiar?
> Jack "I use an IMSAI, not those toy computers" Peacock

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