tractor feeders| Warning, DEC War Story...

From: will emerson <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 21:20:18 1998

As an operator trainee at the time, I remember a problem used to happen when
programmer would inadvertantly spool a "binary file" to a lineprinter.. We
an individual, in the Maynard (Ma. DEC), at one point in time, spool a job
the printer that hung off the DECsystem 1090 (serious tractor feeds on that
unit!) that took a day and a half, and consumed 24 boxes of "greenbar" (8
1/2 X 14") paper... Myself, and a co-worker, boxed this stuff up, loaded it
on a flatbed dolly, and delivered the entire mess, labeled "1 of 24, 2 of
24, 3 of 24" etc. to this individuals office (while they were out on
"break").... Shortly afterward, this person's cost center manager called,
demanding to know why all of this paper had been delivered, and insisting
his cost center wasn't going to pay for it, and that it must be removed
     Our cost center manager calmly informed him that, 1, it was _his_
that queued it to print, and it wasn't up to us to censor print jobs, 2. oh.
yes, his
cost center _would_ pay for it, and 3. His cost center now owned the 24
of paper, and it was _his_ problem, as to what to do with it... Allison, you
have known some of the participants, they used to reside on ML3-6... Sorry
I digressed too far off topic...

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