AT&T 6300 PSU Question

From: Olminkhof <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 20:09:34 1998

I looked at the pictures, and double checked my Olivetti M24, recently
obtained from Andrew Davie. They are the same machine.

This one also has a dead power suppy but none of the corrosion. The fan
works because it is mains powered, 240v in this case.

Hans Olminkhof
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    From: David Williams <>
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    Date: Tuesday, 14 April 1998 15:40
    Subject: AT&T 6300 PSU Question

    I went to power up my AT&T 6300, which hasn't been up for about 4
    years, and noticed that the PSU fan was coming on but the drives and
    motherboard didn't seem to be getting power. I opened up the system
    and was surprised to find the power supply was corroding. Now I'm
    not a PSU expert by any means so this was unexpected. The upper
    motherboard appears to be ok but I haven't checked the lower
    motherboard yet. It appears I can pull the PSU out and replace it
    but I'm curious as to why it began corroding in the first place. You
    can see pictures of it on my web site on the AT&T 6300 page or at:
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