From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 14:14:29 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, Marvin wrote:
> > And speaking of value, the November 1975 issue of Popular Electronics
> > (Altair 680 issue) sold for $41.00. A week or so ago, the January 1975
> > issue of Popular Electronics sold for $503.00. Something is worth what
> > someone else is willing to pay for it.
> Maybe it would be more appropriate to discuss the stupidity of the people
> paying these amounts then.

Come on Sam, you of all people should realize that what we have out here is
not necessarily easily available in other parts of the country. I think you
are imposing your own education and knowledge of what is available here on
others who may not be so fortunate.

As one example of what is available here (Santa Barbara), but not elsewhere,
I *highly* doubt anyone else anywhere in the world could have come up with
the collection of Polymorphic stuff I have (including source code, parts
lists, engineering drawings, specs, business plan, etc., etc., etc.) That
happened because 1) they were made here in Santa Barbara, and 2) contacts I
have knew about my collecting and were able to save this stuff from going to
the dump.

So assuming you had, lets say, the Polymorphic Business plan, how would you
put a value on it? While I don't know how many were made let alone still
around, I rather doubt there are more than perhaps a couple in existance now
(I only know of this one.) I am really interested to hear your answer on
this one!!!

Heading off your comments that this is an unusual situation (which I think
it is), certain areas have a higher concentration of technical types than
others, university towns, silicon valley, Boston area, etc. Things are much
more likely to be found in those areas than areas like, lets say, the
Michigan Upper Pennisula (sp?.) So what is the difference in availability
of something between the two areas? How would that affect the price (value)
of a given item in the two areas?
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